Oleksii Nabozhniak

Exper.Tips: Thought Leadership Consulting Agency in Ukraine

Founder, media consultant, teacher, media coach, mentor, crisis writer, journalist

I have been working with texts and ideas for over 20 years: from news and feature stories in local newspapers to research notes for ministers and op-ed articles for MPs and business owners. I used to work at news agencies (proUA, LigaBusinessInform), daily and weekly newspapers (Delovaya Stolitsa, Kommentarii), news television production studio, and crisis PR agency, with teams of Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Policy, Tax Service, Financial Committee of the parliament, etc. 

My passion is working with experts, even if they have not yet acknowledged how valuable their experience and cases they can share with the world are. It is an immersion into a new industry, new insights, and discoveries every time for me. The client receives new media contacts, a powerful impetus for business development, a public or political career, and more self-confidence. After all, thought leadership is not only about trends, statistics, or international experience. It is also about new followers, a wider circle for discussion, new knowledge, and food for future company change or maybe even for entire industries.

Many professionals have experience and knowledge to share with the market, customers, consumers, existing and potential partners. However, they are not always ready to actively communicate this experience. We help to find and formulate expertise and present it to the world through the media and other tools.

My colleagues and I prepared the first thought leadership pieces (blogs and op-eds for the insurance market) in the early 2010s. Later, proactive expert positioning turned the small developer into one of the most cited experts in the real estate market for six months. We helped MPs, entrepreneurs, officials, public figures to convey their ideas to voters, journalists, potential customers, or competitors. Op-eds and comments for media with coverage of 20, 30, and even 50 thousand readers ceased to be a wonder, and unknown experts yesterday turned recognizable by media professionals due to regular and hard work.

Since 2010 I have been conducting a course of “Fundamentals of Economic Journalism” at the Mohyla School of Journalism. 

I also conducted a series of media training for students, journalists, public activists in the regions of Ukraine on fact-checking, working with local budgets, working with financial information. Pieces of training were held on invitation of the Institute for Regional Press Development, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. I’ve also been a guest speaker at fact-checking seminars and training for journalists and public activists from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan as an associate trainer StopFake.org fact-checking project, founded by students and teachers of the Mohyla School of Journalism.

How to become a thought leader for your industry?