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Exper.Tips, Consulting Agency in Ukraine 

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Who are we?

Exper.Tips is an expert positioning workshop, a thought leadership consulting agency in Ukraine. We help entrepreneurs, politicians, public figures, individual consultants to build their own personal brand through thought leadership content in the media, social networks, on public events, and individual presentations.

What do we do?

We provide professional expert positioning services and support the whole cycle of thought leadership content production.

  • We analyze the thought leadership potential and prepare the expertise-oriented communication strategy for business, NGOs, politicians 
  • We write op-eds, interviews, blogs, comments, analytical and research notes, other proactive turnkey expert content of various complexity for Ukrainian media
  • We provide all necessary preparatory work for experts going to be a guest on the radio, at TV programs, for YouTube projects, podcasts and all kinds of blogs
  • We conduct research with the involvement of leading Ukrainian think tanks
  • We create and produce online courses, presentations, lectures, infographic materials, microsites for the purpose of thought leadership strategy for the client
  • We train speakers to give speeches in public and support them in any other formats of public expert positioning 
  • We establish relations with the media and organize press events in Ukraine
  • We integrate thought leadership into the client’s overall communication, marketing and/or political strategy 

Who are our clients? Here are some examples

Despite its market leadership, the company was closed for the media and did not generate thought leadership content. After the implementation of the new communication strategy, the demand for such content exceeded expectations, the company significantly improved its reputation and level of knowledge among key players, market, and industry experts.

Analytical support of parliamentary activities, preparation of materials for op-eds, speeches and public events, development of information campaigns in support of the analytical products.

Expert positioning of top management during the creation and development of a sistery public organization, as well as for the purpose of informational support of legislative and other rule-making initiatives of the market leader. We’ve also developed a strategy of personal expert positioning for the business owner.

During the repositioning of the NGO, its founders decided to shift the focus to activities in support of one of the socially vulnerable groups. Through thought leadership content we helped to bring a new focus of the client’s activities to the target audiences – potential beneficiaries, partners and donors, as well as united similar organizations around the client due to the expert content needed by the community.

Our task was to quickly increase the media visibility of the company’s partners and inform potential customers about key business practices – advocation in criminal cases, litigation, legal support for the top officials (white-collar crime). We’ve chosen a strategy of thought leadership positioning in the national political and trade media

Thought leadership strategy for the top management of the investment fund was provided in order to increase the number of new clients and open new markets, as well as part of the anti-crisis program

While working on the development of the Ukrainian market, the foreign company encountered resistance not only from local players but also from authorities. The strategy of expert positioning allowed not only to explain the specifics of the market and the need to attract new technologies but also created conditions for expanding the company’s business in Ukraine

The local developer company initially chose expert positioning as a tactic to generate additional content for the site and social network pages. However, working together with the media has revealed a large niche for the expertise and has created an unexpectedly high demand for expertise from market professionals.

We also work with

Banks & Agricultural holdings & Retailers & Industrial corporations & Energy market & Law companies & local PR agencies & The office of the Business ombudsman in Ukraine

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